Thursday, May 31, 2012

Looking for a Loophole

Up to this point in his journey, Allan has been focused on himself and his family. In volume 8, The Loophole, he may have found a higher calling. We finally find out why "his last chance was their only hope".

His last chance was their only hope.

In this new, best-selling, periodical short story series from Trestle Press, a man on the brink of self-destruction is given the opportunity to start over.

Part 8 of 10.

The women of Karsten Field know their loopholes very well. Allan is presented with the opportunity to learn firsthand, but it has nothing to do with knitting.

His relationship with Mary Reece is developing into something new and she may be looking for a loophole to get out of it. But that is interrupted by the arrival of some strangers. Allan is going to need his own loophole to deal with them.

The Loophole is available now from Trestle Press for $0.99

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