Friday, April 27, 2012

For My Daughter

I think about my daughter now. She is sweet and innocent. She loves her daddy. I am the man in her life.

Then I think about ten years from now (fifteen, if I get my way). She will most likely have a new man in her life. She will be thinking about romance and marriage.

That's what was on my mind as I wrote the latest volume of my Amish Journey. I will admit that I had to move away from the keyboard for a while. I couldn't see what I was typing through the tears. So, I got a little emotional. I hope you can share some of that with me.

His last chance was their only hope.

In this new, best-selling, periodical short story series from Trestle Press, a man on the brink of self-destruction is given the opportunity to start over.

Part 7 of 10.

With spring in full swing, Allan learns to start working his farm. He has chickens in the barn and weeds in his field. His good friend Ben Abrim is there to lend a hand and share a helpful word.

The only thing that throws him off is Alice. She decides to make her intentions known regarding Sam Menlach.

Things end with a startling event at the schoolhouse.

Set Free: An Amish Journey - Volume 7: Love in Bloom is available now from Trestle Press. You can get it here -

I do want to thank you all for reading my blog. To do that, the next three people to comment on my blog page ( will receive a free review copy.


  1. oh i would love to read your book,

    1. Ms. Curto, please send me your email and I will get it out to you!