Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Barn Incident

Thanks to Trestle Press, volume 3 of my Amish Journey is now available.

You can get "The Barn Incident" at this link:

Volume 3 continues the story of Allan and his family. After Allan's mid-winter baptism, they are faced with several new dilemmas. Please come back to Karsten Field to see how the end of January becomes hotter than expected.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More from me.

Well, I turned in volume 3 of Set Free today. It should be out soon.

I understand the first two volumes have been well received, so I would definitely like to thank everyone that is reading it. I also want to thank Trestle Press for the incredible opportunity.

Here are the links to the first two parts:

Coming Home -

The Hat on the Water -

With the third one written, I am turning my attention to another project. I have been invited to participate in an amazing series called "ONE". You can see it on Facebook here -

This series is about different beliefs from around the world. I am excited to be a part of this, there are quite a few amazing authors involved already. Mark Miller created the series. He is another fantastic author with my publisher, Trestle Press. Here is his page on -

Mr. Miller has a lot too offer and the "ONE" stories are also quite spiritually satisfying, but I'm not trying to sway anybody's opinion here. Maybe I am, a little. You might want to get the other "ONE" stories before mine comes out in February.

Thanks for reading my blog!