Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do you like the title?

Set Free Volume 2 - The Hat on the Water has been published by Trestle Press. You can get it now for 99¢

What do you think of the title? My dad used to do that. He would say something out of the blue that did not quite make sense. Then he would wait for us to ask before he would explain it. By the end of the story, it would make sense.

That's what I tried to do with this story. I wanted the title to seem peculiar until it made sense.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Amish Journey

Well, here I am. I never had use for Facebook or "social" internet. Now I feel like a big shot. I am all over the web, learning new things everyday.

Why am I doing this? I will tell you. Thanks to Trestle Press, I am now a published author. I have lots of stories that my father told me about his father. Some of them true, some of them a long stretch from the truth. One of the ladies at work is always reading on her Kindle. She told me I should send one of my stories to Trestle Press and this was the result.

My story is called "Set Free - An Amish Journey". It is about a man, frustrated in his own life, who makes a dramatic change with the hope of savings his relationships. He is not necessarily a spiritual man, so going from a secular life to an Amish community is a stark contrast. In the coming stories, I will show how this man comes to God on his unique journey.

I hope I get this link right => http://www.amazon.com/Free-Journey-1-Coming-Journey-ebook/dp/B006K8U7CW

This is the cover for the first story, Coming Home. It is only 99¢ for Amazon Kindle and BN Nook.

Friday, December 9, 2011

First post

I am excited to say, "I'm going to be a published author!"

There is an electronic publisher called Trestle Press and they are going to publish my story called "Set Free".

Right now, I am getting connected. They say I should have a blog and twitter and plenty of other websites. I hope this is good for a first post!