Monday, November 5, 2012

The same, but different

"An Amish Home - Volume Four - Life on Canvas"
is available today and I wanted you to know I did something a little different.

In my stories, one of the things I focus on is how outsiders can spiritually benefit from the Amish. "An Amish Journey" was about Allan Howarth giving up everything to move to Karsten Field, which literally set him free. With "An Amish Home", I am exploring some different interactions with Englishers through the eyes of Allan's five-year-old daughter, Ruth. She is still at an age where she does not see all of the differences that might keep adults from avoiding each other.

"Life on Canvas" is the fourth part of the story and focuses on Margaret, a recently widowed home-maker. She makes a discovery in her attic that forces her to ask where God is in her life. Taking some inspiration from the story of Abraham and Isaac, Margaret must decide what she will sacrifice. The people of Karsten Field may help her answer that question.

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