Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reading and Inspiration

Recently, I received an email asking me what I read and what influences me?
With a full time job in the wonderful world of retail sales and a beautiful daughter growing faster than a weed in the spring, I feel like I barely have time for anything else.
These days, I try to squeeze in a story from some of the very talented authors here at Trestle Press: Karen Vogel, Sarah Price, Crystal Linn & Roger Rheinheimer (sorry for not listing them all – there’s too many). Other than that, most of what goes in front of me does not have more than a fourth grade reading level. So, lately, I’m inspired by children’s Bible stories and Disney fairies.

I grew up on American classics. As you can tell from my work-in-progress, Amish Wonder, one of my favorites is The Wizard of Oz. I also have a nice collection of James Bond stories. Not the originals, the ones by John Gardner. Thus far, most have not been mangled into movies.
They say a writer has to read. Maybe that’s why I call myself a storyteller?
If I win the lottery, I would spend some time at the library playing catch up. There is a growing market of Christian fantasy that intrigues me.
My true inspiration comes from God and the stories about my grandfather. I try to blend that with what is happening in my own life and in the world today.
I tend to stay a little on the private side, but I hope this gives you some insight into me!

Your friend,
Laughing George

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  1. I for one am glad that your inspiration for storytelling comes from God. Your work speaks to me on a varity of levels and opens up new avenues of daily praying.

    Continue to follow the path that God has you on and we will all benefit from it with your wonderful stories.

  2. Thank you for the nice comment. Your words are very kind and give me motivation.