Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Amish Journey

Well, here I am. I never had use for Facebook or "social" internet. Now I feel like a big shot. I am all over the web, learning new things everyday.

Why am I doing this? I will tell you. Thanks to Trestle Press, I am now a published author. I have lots of stories that my father told me about his father. Some of them true, some of them a long stretch from the truth. One of the ladies at work is always reading on her Kindle. She told me I should send one of my stories to Trestle Press and this was the result.

My story is called "Set Free - An Amish Journey". It is about a man, frustrated in his own life, who makes a dramatic change with the hope of savings his relationships. He is not necessarily a spiritual man, so going from a secular life to an Amish community is a stark contrast. In the coming stories, I will show how this man comes to God on his unique journey.

I hope I get this link right =>

This is the cover for the first story, Coming Home. It is only 99¢ for Amazon Kindle and BN Nook.

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